Nyota – Purification Project (EP) :17 Year old Cape Town artist, Nyota debuts on RehabMusik with her newly released body of work titled “Purification Project (EP)”.

Describing her project as a “trazz” (trap and jazz) combo, we actually beg to differ in that we hear more of the boom bap elements than fusions of trap in her vibes. The Purification Project is filled with so much soul you can’t help but wonder what Nyota will be sounding like in 5 years’ time.

The EP is very personal, tinged with Nyota’s evident humility in spirit, but also packing with enough attitude as she is a rapper after all. It’s sheer magic as you connect with her with every new song that swings in. Before you know it, the EP has run its course with the closing Q & A which can very well pass as a soothing lullaby for your soul. Nyota is certainly like nothing you’ll hear in the “hip hop” realm ’cause she borrows sophisticated elements from what I term “universal music,” music that transcends genre and description.

That’s her special trademark, she has a boom bap attitude, the clear heart of a poet, and the spirit of a young fighter. This EP is not nearly enough from her to be honest. You find yourself wanting to listen to more of her music over and over on a long drive across the country.

A very impressive presentation by the young lady.

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